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Public forums are great, but they tend to get noisy

You're probably in 500 different slack and discord chats already, of varying levels of value and interest to you. The challenge with public groups where anyone can join is that over time they get flooded with noobie questions. What you want is a place where you can go to talk with trusted peers about problems you are facing right now, which Google can't solve for you. That's what MageChat is all about.

Get feedback on how to best architect solutions from seasoned professionals

Hang out in an internet watercooler that you will actually enjoy

Weekly Live Sessions where we crack a beer, demo cool new stuff, and hear tech talks.

Join accountability groups for everything from certification to personal fitness and mental health

Don't feel so isolated. We all feel a little more isolated these days with remote work.

Network with other nerds. Networking can be a little hard for us nerds, but it can be super valuable and enjoyable.

What happens in MageChat stays in MageChat

The privacy of things shared in MageChat is very important. There are things you can discuss in a trusted, private context for example if you're having a beer with a friend, that you would not share publicly, for obvious reasons. There are tons of great public groups and forums out there. This is not that. This is an attempt to carefully scale the having-a-beer-with-a-coworker or chatting-with-a-colleague-in-the-hallway-track-at-a-conference conversation.

It started for Magento, but it's not only for Magento

The origins of the community are in Magento, but everyone is working with different platforms right now. If you're on Commerce Tools right now with Vue Storefront as your frontend, and want to talk with others about headless strategy, you can do that in here too. Hell, we even have a fitness accountability group. We have an agency owners group with agency owners who span WordPress, Magento, Shopify, BigCommerce, and other platforms.


"As someone who has worked remotely for over 10 years, I find that I miss the day-to-day interaction of office life. MageChat gives me a bit of a social boost, while providing a place to ask questions about topics that I normally would ask a colleague about"

Laura Folco
Magento Development Consultant

"I cannot tell you how often I have bothered // asked Ryan for help in understanding FirstData"

Luis Tineo
Full Stack Magento Developer

"Anton, Damien, Ryan, and Daniel have all helped me and others significantly, particularly in the early days of M2 (when I was still doing M1 8 hours per day but learning M2)"

Wilson Sheldon
Principal Architect at Bounteous

"This community keeps me updated on the platform sweet and bitter details, in touch with great minds willing to share tips and tricks."

Laura Trejo Alba
Solutions Architect

With MageChat I've been able to connect with lots of new and veteran members of the Magento community that would have been difficult to do via other channels. From the funny jokes and banters to the conversations and weekly presentations, MageChat has become invaluable and beneficial as full-time freelancer.

Jerry Lopez
Magento Certified Web Developer

"For the last 8+ years, I have struggled to find a place to stay connected with the Magento community. Just when it had only become more difficult to achieve that, we have got MageChat, the need of the time. If like me, you don't want to wait for the big events to happen before you get a chance to say hello to your community friends, MageChat is for you!"

Idrees Butt
Founder & CEO, RLTSquare

"You're in the company of extremely talented, naturally curious individuals. Conversations form around technical (or business) challenges. And as the conversation flows, it naturally involves solutions, or access to people with impeccable credentials that know the solution, or can help you develop it"

Winston Nolan
Previously Tech Lead for Rip Curl

“How can you refuse to be a part of the best Magento experts community group in slack! Thanks Kalen for creating MageChat. It is an honor to be a part to contribute together and sharing knowledge with fellow members.”

Muliadi Jeo
Omnichannel Evangelist, eCommerce Consultant, Magento Solution Partner, Magento 2 Certified Solution Specialist

"MageChat has been an excellent resource for finding out quickly about security issues that could affect our team and collaborating to find the best ways to mitigate these issues before official patches appear"

Francis Gallagher
Team Lead - Senior Ecommerce Engineer

Friday Live Sessions - APIs and IPAs

On Fridays we hang out, crack a beer, listen to talks from people in the community, and demo cool stuff we've been working on. For Europe, it's Friday night drinks and tech. For the Americas, it's early happy hour afternoon drinks and tech.

Solutions Partners

These are community-oriented solutions partners that you can trust. If you run into any snags with them, let me know. I'll keep them honest.

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Tech Partners

Tech partners are extension companies and other vendors that are community-oriented who you can trust. If you run into any snags with them, let me know. I'll keep them honest.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Well, few reasons. For one the slack was started 7 years ago as a Magento specific thing. I could go with something more generic like "commerce chat" but I think that's taken and also there's something I like about the shared history and network many of us in the commerce world have with Magento. I keep thinking of the phrase "the scattered tribes of the Magento community". Ultimately I don't think names matter too much (google was a pretty goofy name before it became google), so I'm just going with it and assuming that if I build out a valuable network of people in here that's really all that matters.

We're on track to hit 300 paid members by the end of the year

Since the first customer subscribed on Aug 25, we have been getting about 15 paid seats per week. All of the members you see below and in the member directory are paid members.

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It's free for individuals. The company that you work for is the one who would pay for it. Send this link to your boss to get them on board.